Adoption paperwork, round 2


We have begun the adoption process again! Last August, we told ourselves that when Teddy was 18 months old, we’d dive in again because we’d like our kids to be close-ish in age. However, my main reason for setting a specific date was so I could have a set amount of time to not think about adoption. At all. I wanted to simply enjoy Teddy without being consumed by the need to make appointments and get forms notarized and meet with social workers.

Turns out, when you have friends, it’s impossible to put the matter entirely out of your mind because they ask questions: Are you going to adopt again? When? (And we appreciate the interest!) But I did manage to wait until Teddy turned 17 months old before dashing off an email to our social worker to inquire about first steps for round 2.

So here’s the thing: I kind of expected that we could take some shortcuts this time. I mean, not that we’d do less than we were supposed to; rather, that we’d have less that we’d be required to do. I was wrong. Adoption #2 requires exactly the same paperwork and number of interviews and hours of training as adoption #1. I still don’t fully understand why—particularly with regards to the interviews; our family history hasn’t changed in two years—but I’m letting it go and getting on with it. I’ve actually come to appreciate that we have the same number of required training hours. Learning is always a good thing, and when it comes to adoption, valuable information is a precious commodity. I’m pretty excited about one webinar we’re logging in for: Top 10 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew.

The paperwork for adoption #1 took four months to compile. I’ve managed to cut that in half this time around (although that’s still sluggish compared to my super-speedy friends who turned in their packet in two weeks!). We’re waiting for one final thing that we hope to have in hand this week, and then we click “submit” on the online application system and wait for our social worker—not the same one as before; in fact, we’re her first case with this agency!—to review the whole thing and contact us for our first interview.

We hope to be back on the wait list—and therefore back into it-could-happen-any-day-now territory—by mid-June, which, oddly enough, is when we completed the process the first time around.


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