Our birthday boy!


It was a beautiful (albeit breezy) day to celebrate turning 1 year old. Many of Teddy’s and our best friends gathered in the little park behind our condo building to play and watch Teddy try cake and ice cream for the first time. Cake he wasn’t so keen on; but ice cream? Bring it on! Course, we already knew our boy loves all things dairy (baby bells are a favorite snack and yogurt is our go-to breakfast). Teddy may be a picky eater, but even he couldn’t turn down sweetened cream. So Teddy spent the afternoon getting his face messy, playing with friends, and trying out new toys. Below, a few highlights:

Waiting patiently for cake

(mini ballpark-themed cupcakes from Georgetown cupcake—a happy mix of Mike and my favorite things)

He wasn’t too keen on the cake…

…but he loved the icing!

Opening a present

Trying out his new toy


About savoringeverymoment

I'm a grammar geek (I'm firmly on the side of the serial comma), the wife of a very funny guy (he still makes me laugh after 13 years being together), and the mama of an adorable little boy (his dimples could turn a bouncer's legs to jelly). I live in a fantastic city and attend a church that encourages me to use my gifts and talents.

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