He really is only 8 months old.


Teddy has always looked older than he is. Almost from the beginning, he’s been in the 90th percentile for length (that is, only 10% of babies are longer than he is). (For the record, he’s 50th percentile for weight: i.e., average.) We’ve always had comments about his length—and requisite jokes about a future in basketball. (Fact: length as a baby is not an indicator of adult height; you can’t estimate how tall a child will be as an adult until he’s about 3 or 4.) But now, at 8 months old, that length is having an effect: He’s looking more like a little boy than a baby. [Sniff]—my baby’s growing up!


His length really became more apparent when we took the car seat off the stroller—because he got too long for the infant car seat before he got too heavy for it. He looks like a toddler, just sitting there, chilling out, gnawing on a toy or babbling. He looks especially “old” when he pulls himself forward, surveying his environment. He’s going to be walking before we know it! At least, that’s what everyone tells us. He hasn’t quite mastered crawling on all fours yet, though.

However, he has mastered a number of other things: army crawling, babbling “da-da” indiscriminately (still working on “ma-ma”), pulling the arches of his playmat so that the whole thing falls on top of himself (that was pretty funny—he just lay there, stunned, for a few moments), standing unassisted for a few minutes with his hands on the coffee table, passing a toy from hand to hand, objecting when a toy is taken from him, crawling to his book shelf and playing with his board books, and eating solids.

Actually, we started out well with solids, but we seem to have regressed a bit in the past couple weeks. We started with rice cereal, but quickly moved on because I got bored with that…and was eager to try my new Baby Bullet (which is every bit as awesome and unnecessary as it looks). Next up: avocado. He gobbled it right up. Did this guac-lover proud. Next up: sweet potato. He loved that, too. After a brief snag with peas (which are supposed to be the universal baby food; evidently Teddy didn’t get the memo), we were successful with squash, pears, and bananas—especially bananas and yogurt. Which totally makes sense. Americans call that combo a smoothie and pay several dollars for it.

But now we’ve hit a wall. I’ve tried several new foods that are not finding favor, no matter what I disguise mix them with. And now I fear he doesn’t trust me. I’ve fed him so many foods the last few weeks that he has made abundantly clear he doesn’t like, he’s probably hesitant to try anything I feed him. At least, I would be. So this weekend, we’re going back to his faves, and then we’ll try some new foods again next week.

We’re also hitting the “separation anxiety” stage. It isn’t full-blown yet (although a recent babysitting experience did not go as planned), but it often manifests when I’m out shopping. And Teddy is in his stroller. And can’t see me. Because he’s sitting facing forward. Cue meltdown. Well, as much of a meltdown as I’ve seen in Teddy, anyway. Recently, this resulted in my perching Teddy on one hip while bouncing in place to try new running shoes. I attempted to jog with him in my arms as well, but that didn’t work so well. I thought briefly about handing him off to one of the staff, who was fawning over him, but quickly decided that wouldn’t be a good idea. So we just cut the shopping excursion short. (He is just like his daddy—hates shopping.)

Last but not least, Teddy finished his first session of swimming lessons—and has the certificate to prove it. (Silly, but as the instructor pointed out, it’s a nice token for the baby books.) Teddy came out of the experience with a love of splashing and kicking and being dunked (just kidding about that last one, although I think by the end he wasn’t quite as traumatized after a dunking). I came out of it with the phone numbers of three new mom friends. Success. Now we get to practice what we learned in our rooftop pool. Bring on summer!


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I'm a grammar geek (I'm firmly on the side of the serial comma), the wife of a baseball fanatic, and the mama of two delightful, rambunctious children. I live in the nation's capital and attend a church where all are welcome and encouraged to use their gifts and talents.

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