4-month stats and milestones


We took Teddy for his 4-month checkup yesterday, and we learned that Teddy is tall. He’s average for weight (15.5 lbs, 50th percentile), but at 26 1/4 inches, he’s in the 90th percentile for length. (He was in the 75th percentile at his 2-month checkup.) You now have approximately 30 seconds to make commentary about his future as a basketball player … [humming Jeopardy theme song] … ok, that’s it. No more assumptions about athletic prowess allowed. Teddy can be anything he wants to be! He’s already showing quite the oratory skills. Maybe a future senator or lawyer? He grasps the toys on his play mat with precision. Maybe a surgeon? Although if you could see him swing his hips, you’d think he had a future as a hula dancer. Daddy would be so proud 😉

I suppose it’s too early to talk about possible vocations, so I’ll stick with his present skills. He’s almost rolling over. Actually, he has rolled over (back to front, which, according to the pediatrician, is harder than front to back–my boy’s advanced!) three times. But since that third time (which was about three weeks ago), he hasn’t been able to make it all the way over. He gets about 3/4 of the way and then gets stuck. Or loses interest. Or gets distracted when we squeal in delight at his progress and attempt to cheer him on. At which point, he rolls back to his back. This one is not a performer, much to our chagrin.

Teddy loves to stand and has since the day we got him. He rocks his exersaucer (so much so that our social worker commented on his energetic jumping during her first post-placement visit) and if he ever gets fussy while we’re holding him, we can usually cheer him up by letting him march on our legs (assuming the fussiness isn’t due to hunger or fatigue, of course).

He’s quite the chatterbox. He can hold forth for several minutes, chatting about things that sound terribly interesting. No sign of the “b” sound yet (which is supposed to be coming up), though he was saying “ah-goo” (the first to listen for) early on. I was convinced he was saying “oh good” until I read that babies’ first cooing sounds like “ah-goo” and I had to concede that was what it sounded like. He also thinks it’s hilarious to put his fingers in my mouth. And I love making my boy laugh! (Unfortunately, since I encourage this game, this means he tries to put his fingers in the mouth of everyone who holds him…)

The other news that came out of the pediatrician appointment (besides his exceptional length) is that we can start solid foods! I’ve already purchased our first box of baby rice cereal and am excited to move on to culinary delights like sweet potatoes. I’m hoping Teddy shares my enthusiasm. We want him to grow big and strong. We can’t have a 90-lb weakling–on the court or in the courtroom.


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