Teddy’s first Christmas


For the first time since my mom has been picking Mike and I up from the airport for Christmas — 10 years now — she did not greet me first when she saw us. Instead, she made a beeline for her grandson. And she wasn’t content with merely greeting him and talking gibberish. She insisted on retrieving him from his car seat, even though she would need to return him to it to drive us home. I didn’t get so much as a hug.

And I didn’t mind a bit. My parents were super excited to meet Teddy, and I loved seeing them as grandparents. The whole family was thrilled to finally meet our new addition. My aunt, uncle, and grandma visited for Christmas weekend, and my dad wisely laid low on the grandpa role for those first couple days to avoiding getting caught between my mom and my aunt in their fight to love on Teddy the most. It was fun to watch =)

Teddy got his fair share of presents this year. Knowing my family, I don’t know why I expected any less, but well, he’s 3 months old! What do you get a 3-month-old for Christmas? A lot, apparently. His pile was as big as mine and Mike’s. Mike and I shared the fun of opening Teddy’s gifts. We were hoping he would show some interest in the wrapping paper, but, well, not so much. That fun will have to wait until next year.

And of course, I helped Teddy (dressed, appropriately, in his Santa outfit) distribute gifts to everyone, as planned. (Although, that didn’t last for all the gifts — 14 lbs gets heavy after a while!)

Toward the end of our stay, our Seattle friends threw us a party to celebrate Teddy. They had the fun idea of having guests decorate onesies:

We’re especially excited about the “tax deduction” possibilities…

Our last full day, we went to church with my parents…so my mom could introduce her grandson to all her friends. Mike and I were coming from New Year’s Eve celebrations elsewhere, and as soon as we arrived, the airport scene repeated itself: Mom extricated Teddy from my arms and strode off to the sanctuary. She held him the entire service, and promptly after it ended began the Tour di Teddy. I thought I was supposed to be part of these introductions, but I made the mistake of pausing to say something to Mike. When I turned back, Mom was gone. Love it. I did catch up but there was really no need. I’m merely a sidebar in the story of Teddy.

And I have no problem with that =) Teddy’s way cuter than I am.

Highlights from the week:

  • My brother making funny faces at Teddy
  • My mom informing my aunt that she’d been holding Teddy long enough and it was my mom’s turn again…and vice versa
  • Teddy chilling in my dad’s lap
  • My mom’s friend (whose children are grown and out of the house) finding a 3-6 month Huskies onesie in her storage room for Teddy to change into when his Christmas sleeper proved too warm for the cozy room we were sitting in to watch the UW/Baylor game
  • A friend sitting with her toddler and Teddy, pointing out how Teddy’s black skin is different than her son’s white skin and how neat that is, that there are multiple skin tones
  • Taking a picture of Teddy and all our friends’ kids on New Year’s Eve
  • Watching the ball drop and reflecting on the miracle of last year and anticipating the coming year


About savoringeverymoment

I'm a grammar geek (I'm firmly on the side of the serial comma), the wife of a baseball fanatic, and the mama of two delightful, rambunctious children. I live in the nation's capital and attend a church where all are welcome and encouraged to use their gifts and talents.

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  1. we were so glad to be part of Teddy’s first christmas in WA, his first New Year’s Eve, and for the lesson with Kaden about different skin tones 🙂

  2. Now just a minute. We see our grandson at the airport on Christmas eve with a Santa outfit on. So who wins???? That darling little Santa no question. 🙂

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